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Cooking lovingly! Cooking meditatively! Cooking for Buddhas! Cooking for the transformation of human consciousness is ‘Cooking Taoshobuddha way or Buddha Way!’

It is indeed cooking for Buddhas. A strange, yet still a meaningful title for a cook!

Cooking lovingly! Cooking meditatively! Cooking for Buddhas! Cooking Taoshobuddha way or Buddha way or cooking for Buddhas means the same thing. It is indeed a strange yet still a meaningful title for a cook book. It says a lot. And this is the beauty of it. First let me explain something of the title. Taoshobuddha is an enlightened master. Very rarely a master goes into cooking or does something like this. Although each master remains particular about eating food cooked by each and every one yet no effort was ever made in the past in this direction. When I asked Taoshobuddha about this, very pleasantly in his usual manner he said something that reveals the compassion of a master. Only an enlightened one can say such a thing. This is what he said:
“Cooking Taoshobuddha means ‘Cooking for Buddha’; ‘Cooking lovingly’; ‘Cooking meditatively’. Only then there can be total transformation of human consciousness. Only then we can create a new man who is balanced both inner and outer.

Life is a journey of transcendence. It is a moment to moment journey of awareness. As such man exists at three planes. In ordinary human being these planes remain muddled. And because of this there is no clarity and inward journey gets impeded.
In case of an enlightened one the planes remain the same. However these exist in their right perspective. Also these do not overlap one another in an enlightened one.
These three planes are:
1. The plane of silence the unheard the uncreated one. This is the plane where the master or the enlightened one dwells. He prefers to remain there. But from this plane the transformation cannot happen. Very unlikely you will find aspirants who are at this plane. However when the aspirant is within the energy field of the enlightened one he is touched by this state of awareness at times. Still this state is not permanent. This is the plane where I dwell. I would not like to come out of this state. But then I will be failing in my responsibilities for the birth of a new human being. One who is beyond dualities and conflicts? He is religious beyond the dimensions of all the religions and narrowness.

2. The second is the plane of intellect. Many are there at this plane. Or think that from this plane they can understand the deeper aspects of inwards journey at least intellectually. Again they are mistaken. At this plane people give their own meaning to the words and message. Still it is a plane from where one can communicate to all those who are at this plane to varying degrees. For these people I have made myself available through scores of books, and other materials, audio and video talks internationally. Also I have weekly meditations in Boston, Sweden, Vancouver, Florida, Miami, and New York. These I conduct from here.
In addition there are two published books. And there are 12 E-books and Monthly E magazine ‘MEDITATION TIMES’. Currently I am doing a book ‘TASAWWRE SHEIKH’ as reminiscences of my father of his master.
3. And last is the most common plane where you will find vast majority of humanity even those who are on the second plane are to certain varying degrees remain mixed up with this third plane. This is the plane that relates to food sheath. Food is necessary for the survival of the body. We quote ‘Annm! b&hm!’ But do not understand the essence of this.

The people who are at this plane are the ones who have suppressed sex. Also they lack the understanding of this biological energy. There is not only misunderstanding instead lack of awareness as well. All those who have suppressed sex get interested in food. India has suppressed sex down the ages for various reasons and the outcome is so many spicy and pungent dishes. Nowhere else so many dishes have developed as in India.

West has been slightly different. Sex is not suppressed. But there is no fulfilment. One can suppress sex that India did, or what the west did still it lacks fulfilment. Suppression and un-fulfilment are two sides of the same coin.

This problem has to be addressed. In the past masters have taken notice of this and abstained eating food from others. But they have done nothing to offset this problem. Without this new man cannot take birth out of you. Without this all rituals, worship etc remains meaningless.

I have taken to cooking and thus bring my awareness to the vast majority who are not interested in things at higher rungs. Whether they are interested in meditation, or discourses they will definitely be interested in food. How to reach these persons was on my mind. This life I have chosen to work at all the planes.

Through my awareness I am fulfilling the missing dimension in the life of those who are either suppressed or unfulfilled as far as the sex is concerned. When I looked into the lives of all those who are interested in food somewhere or the other this needs to be fulfilled. Direct involvement method cannot be used. I have to devise system and methods that can be utilized with effective results. I have devised certain meditations as well to transform negativities at personal and cosmic levels. These incorporate breathing at body level, introspection at mental level and compassion at the level of the being. These are yet to be given the final shape through the cook book ‘COOKING TAOSHOBUDDHA WAY’.

Masters need to do this. Mere rituals, scriptures etc cannot transform them.

This is the reason I have gone into cooking. Maybe persons will be benefited to varying degrees. One thing is certain though:

‘In the barren soils of thy inner sanctum

Oft do I use the manure of compassion,

Then one day seed of awakening I sow

With the rain of thy infinite bliss

The seed shall sprout one day

And then reckoning shall reap the fruits

At the dawn of new awakening!’

Taoshobuddha [Reproduced from Letter to Swami Atmananda]

It implies each act related to cooking be an act of awareness. When you live a life full of awareness even the small happening, moments, and events become moments of great revelation. In the absence of all this even the moments of benedictions turn out to be meaningless. It is therefore transform you’re cooking into an event of benediction, joy, fulfillment, and meditation.

You can eat the most nourishing food unhappy; full of complaints, frustration, and lack of awareness in that case you are like a common fly that transforms the nourishment into putrefied food. And on the contrary if you take the non – nourishing food full of happiness, joy, celebration, awareness, and gratitude then even this non – nourishing food becomes life giving one. It all depends on you, your awareness. In that case you become like a fruit plant that is nourished with all that is rotten, and irrigated with dirty water the plants transform all this into life nourishing and healthy final result. Remember fruit juices are considered healthy and source of nourishment.

With such an understanding we enter into cooking meditatively, lovingly and full of awareness.

This is cooking the TAOSHOBUDDHA WAY or the BUDDHA WAY.


I met Taoshobuddha in 1992 – 1993 upon the insistence of another aspirant. I had met him on the bus travelling on my way to the office in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. He kept on talking about his master, kept talking about all that he had learnt from his master.

I was subsequently invited to one of Taoshobuddha talks and I remember trying to judge which one of the new faces I was seeing, faces I was seeing for the first time was that of Taoshobuddha.

Not this one, not that one…and then I saw him, a gentle man… a beautiful man very relaxed person and I just knew that he was the one…

It has been a life transforming experience. After this meeting I could not remain the same. Something transformed or something new born in me. Maybe I am resurrected. No more old habits instead a life full of jot and benediction.

Fast forward to present day. I always had an interest in cooking, always interested in learning more about cooking and when I was introduced to east Indian cooking I was fascinated. I always described East Indian food as ‘Food of the Gods’. The variety of spices, special blends, the aesthetic look of dishes, and the taste always enchanted and overwhelmed me.

So one day I asked Taoshobuddha to show me some techniques of Indian cooking. This was the beginning of cooking classes at the temple and I was given the job of coordinating various activities like menu planning, interacting with other participants, taking care of the taste demands of others, and finally compiling the recipes that we created at these classes.

One thing that I have learned in the company of Taoshobuddha through these classes that one should not cook when one is angry, depressed. Subtly such vibrations are transferred into the food. Cooking is never a burden. Instead it is an explosion of joy and sharing one’s being with others. One should cook lovingly as if you are meditating.

Preparing the vegetables, holding the knife in a loving manner, knowing that one is cooking for the Beloved are certain guidelines that Taoshobuddha infused into cooking. To him everything is meditation and cooking is one of the most significant acts. Whole life is meditation. Only then you can be transformed.

In the preparation of this work I got tremendous support and help at each step from many quarters. The foremost support came from Taoshobuddha who not only introduced me and all the participants and through this book to all those who seek transformation, into a unique

meditative way of cooking. And thus making meditation way of our day to day life!

Swami Anand Neelambar for his expertise in formatting the entire book into such a unique way and his usual talks! Dayani, Sandra, Peter, Shiva, and all other participants who day in and day out supported and encouraged in bringing the work to this stage!

I am thankful to … of New York Institute of Cooking for their support, review and valuable suggestions that will go a long way.

Bonne Appetite!


Prem Sutra

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Book Review


Meditation—The Way to Self-Realization’
AUTHOR: Taoshobuddha


Prof Rattan Lal Hangloo
Chair of Indian Studies
University of the West Indies

To me meditation means living silently with love for total existence in the world.
I do not mean imposing changelessness of thought process on oneself but to understand very deeply ones body and sense organism by controlling ones mechanism of mind.

In this book on meditation, apart from introduction, Taoshobuddha has presented his views and experiences about Meditation in four sections. These deal with definition of Meditation, Methods, Techniques and the necessity of indulging in meditation.

The author’s foremost aim has been to give a connected and comprehensive account of meditation.

There are no time space limitations in this work. The mode of treatment has rendered it possible for the author to bring so many of details in one volume.

The characterisation of meditation clearly reflects author’s comprehensive understanding of the subject not only in theory but in terms of practice as well.

He has brought out plethora of personal examples to illustrate the growing nature and the process of meditation which is intertwined with ones material existence.

The misery of existence particularly in today’s world is due to the fact that one’s spiritual being (jiva) very easily subjects itself to materialism at every stage without slightest resistance to corruption, cheating, sensual activities, marginalisation of ones honest and integral self for very small opportunities.

The material existence is repetitively so tempting that one is never satisfied with any thing till death. This is brought out by the author very clearly when he says, “Strangely enough desires are never fulfilled. The more you go on fulfilling them the more will arise. One gets fulfilled, many arise. This you see around you every day and yet you remain unaware of this.
“Food never satisfies the hunger. If it were so, you would never be hungry again.
“Water never quenches thirst. Drinking water gives birth to new thirst. For a while you may feel fulfilled but very soon thirst again becomes intense.

“The desire for sex never fulfils you. For a while you feel satisfied, and that, too, happens because you are tired, but the desire will soon arise again.

As a result after fulfilling one desire be it food or sex, or any other material gain you realise its futility only for a while and then again the same desire arises.”

The author puts forward some of the principles such as discipline and learning, inner awakening, alertness, freedom, self realization, unification and consciousness etc as necessary ingredients for invoking of absolute being. What is required is the awakening of one’s inner self. Awakening of inner self to author is, “key in meditation. One need not talk about meditation. It is only to be experienced. Awakening is the phenomenon that radiates like the sun. An awakened person is recognized by particular signs.

“An awakened person has united all his discordant elements within him. This radiates through his being and presence…..The first characteristic of such a person is liberty.

“He does not allow himself to be tossed about by the vicissitudes of life-fear, joy, anxiety success and failure.”

Taken in conjunction with author’s personal experiences, as a practitioner of yoga, the work covers a wide path. The nature of subject matter has made it necessary to treat the scientific and spiritual together. Many people reject the mediation and its philosophy as inhuman and selfish because they consider it as a cold, deliberate shunning of everybody and everything for the sake of working out one’s own salvation. But the truth is exactly opposite. However, those who are not sure that revelations obtained through Samadhi are genuine revelations or not some form of delusion to such minds the analysis in this work would appear to be devoid of historicity and at times logic.

“Meditation implies to pass through the door of death consciously. To die consciously is meditation. However, you cannot wait for death, because death happens every moment and the door is not somewhere outside. And also it is not a normal door that you know. The door is inside you. It is right there now. What is necessary for this is to accept the very fact of death.”
However, despite such occasional interpretations, the work carries out the sustained and rigorous analysis of the philosophy of meditation and its techniques through a variety of experiences. It is based upon the understanding of Patanjali’s Yog sutras and the writings and inspirational speeches of Osho and his vision. The entire volume reflects in depth the feeling of this life and beyond matched with perfection of expressions and rhythm.

“For meditation it is essential that the ego cease to function. Discipline is therefore necessary to challenge this false centre—ego. Ego is negation of truth. It does not like any sort of disciplining. Sometimes the ego pretends to have discipline. This is to avoid discipline and be more comfortable. And then create a small world to live in, to avoid any possibility of interaction with other egos. Negative feelings like anger, fear, and repression are variations of the ego. They give you the feeling of reality and constitute your behavior pattern. These remain hidden, within. Furthermore, these form rigid and inflexible ways of living and interaction, even without paying any attention to actual situation of life within and without.”

The author also shows how meditation has posed such questions as whether we can be sure we know anything, whether words mean anything, whether it is possible to generalize from observed regularities in nature and whether there is anything in nature (Prakriti) or in reality corresponding to our concept of self and consciousness around us.

“When ignorance is no more, there is no conditioning. When conditioning ceases, we are no more leagued by consciousness of rebirth. Both the mind and body cease to exist as a conditioning. Then also ceases the sense organs. And then without these there can be no contact when birth ceases also ceases death. You experience that which is never born, never dies. Thus ceases the process of Dukkha or pain.”

The work is original in nature with deep intuitive insights. Most of the questions have been handled with fresh insight yet in very simple terms but in a stimulating manner.

This work is truly an excursion into the physical and divine domain of meditation.

Entire picture is painted by the author with rare acuteness, simplicity, mastery of language, and the understanding of the subject matter. He is endowed with a rare talent which is reflected in the construction of a true narrative that attracts attention and purifies mind and consciousness.
It is indeed a precious possession and a gift from someone who has not only known but has tremendous capabilities to transfer his being-ness to those who seek inner serenity, bliss and harmony.

The audio CD creates the meditative effects. Like an enlightened master Taoshobuddha connects you to your being. His voice and modulation creates inner serenity and harmony in the listener.

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Adb phla krINaa hE muhBbt ke krINaae me,

MauhBbt jb Adb ke SalIke Sae pez haetI hE,
tae %sse behtr kae# nGaMaa nhI haeta.


#k lMha jae gujra heE tere saWa,
Da jaYae ijNdgI me< merI bn ke nUr tera.
ijNdgI hae pEgame muhBbt,
duAa hE yhI rb se merI lMha lMha.
ALlah hU ALlah hU ALlah hU,
lMha lMha ALlah hU ALlah hU.


kaz #sI trIk pe Ada merI nmaj hae
yar ke paynaj pe mera sre inyaj hae




Introduction by Swami Anand Neelamber


1. Introduction to Sufism
2. What is Sufism?
3. Sufism a Historical Perspective
4. Propagation of Sufism
5. Sufi Cosmology
6. Sufi Orders
7. The Spiritual System
8. Mysticism – the Essence of Sufism


9. Types of Naqshbandi Masters
10. The Way or Tariqat of Sufis
11. Spiritual Commandment:
12. Seven Valleys of Sufis
13. Naqshbandi Commandments the Way to Meditation
14. The Naqshbandi Design
15. Understanding of Ego
16. Nafs or Ego another dimension
17. The Nafs the Sufi way
18. Muraqaba Naqshbandi Way

19. Sayidina Muhammad Mustapha (saallah allehe wa sallam)
20. Ameerul Momaneen Abu Bakr Siddiq
21. Salman the Farsi


22. Imam Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr
23. Imam JAFAR al-SADIQ
24. Sultanul Aarfeen Bayazid Bastami
25. Abul-Hassan Kharqani
26. Abul Qasim Gurgani
27. Abu Ali al-Farmadi
28. Khawaja Abu Yusuf Hamdani
29. Khawaja Abdul Khaliq Gajadwani
30. Khawaja Muhammad Arif al-Riwakri
31. Khwaja Mahmood Abu al-Injir al-Faghnawi


32. Khwaja Azeejzn Ali Ar-Ramatini
33. Khwaja Muhammad Baba as-Sammasi
34. Khwaja Sayyid Amir Kulal
35. Khwaja Bahauddin Naqshband Bukhari


Feed your heart on the love of God
That you may become immortal
And your face illumined with divine light!!!


ufism is the inner core of the spiritual quest. The dregs and dross are removed and pure love remains. The Sufi approach is one of awe and wonder at the marvels of the Creator Who is dissolved in His Creation. One cannot come to appreciate Sufism without being transformed by the very desire to know what Sufism is. To know the Sufi way is to become a Sufi by the very process of knowing. But Sufi is about love – not knowing, at least not intellectual knowing.

The Sufi path is riddled with mysterious parables and mystical insights into very ordinary things. When one begins to inquire who is a Sufi then the lamp of knowing is lit. When this flame becomes a burning passion that cannot be quelled until the heart dances with ecstasy at the mere thought of the Beloved, only then the search is over.

A Sufi is mad. Mad for the Beloved. Mad because he has left the arms of world to embrace the open sky without a thought of tomorrow.

A Sufi is a moth that dies in the enamoring flames of dissolution. He must not only see the Beloved, he must die in the presence. Only such a death reveals what is truly worth living.

A Sufi is one who has died for the world and is reborn into the paradise of heaven on earth. Where a Sufi lives that place is the mythical firdous. Only now is it not a myth. It is a living reality. To even meet a Sufi by passing chance is a gift from Allah. Only he who has reached the last stages of spiritual evolution will get such a grace. Such an opportunity is being made available through the compassion of a living Sufi. To read this work Leaves from a Sufi Heart is to be touched by a presence from the Beyond.

I invite you to abandon your dharma and embrace the path of aashiq – the path of love – the Sufi path.

Swami Anand Neelambar
May 2008.


God created the physical universe to manifest Himself
So that the treasure of His wisdom may be revealed
He said, ‘I was a hidden treasure.’
Listen! Listen attentively!
In the same way you must not let your spiritual
Reality be submerged…
Instead must manifest your spirit in action!!!


am ecstatic. Today comes the dawn of a new awakening. Beginning of a new 0verflow! Leaves from a Sufi Heart! Today is March 9th 2008. It is the anniversary of a Sufi, a Buddha, and an Enlightened Master. The world has known this Sufi as Sri Ramakrishna ParamHans. And to begin this overflow on this day is a benediction or the grace of Allah and the fazlo karam or Inayat or Nisbat of the Sufi Masters starting from the Holy Prophet to the present day Naqshbandi Master Sufi Onkar Nath, Sufi Devendra Nath, Sufi Lakshmi Sahai of Naqshbandi Mujaddadi wa Mazaharia order; Maulana Sheikh Nazim, Sheikh Hisham Kabbani of Naqshbandi Haqqani order. Not only masters of Naqshbandi path alone instead each master that has happened or is yet to appear has made the benediction available for such overflows. Masters follow the path laid down by Mashaa’ikh.

Ramakrishna is existential. He is the part of this existence. For his wife Sharda his physical body disappeared many, many years ago. This she said when after the master entered Maha Samadhi. And according to the Hindu Traditions she had to live a life of widow. She was to wear only white clothes and no makeup or jewelry. Sharda refused all this. To her Ramakrishna was a mere presence. And if the physical presence is no more the subtle presence always is. Only an enchanting heart is needed to feel this presence. Such is an Existential Presence!

Sharda continued this way the rest of her life. Every day she will wake up Ramakrishna! Look Ramakrishna Dev you are still sleeping. And your disciples are waiting for you. She will prepare food for him. Prepare his bed every day. And after he had eaten she will eat. In your worldly realm this is madness, insanity. But what can be done. Such is the world of mystics and masters. And there is no harmony between your world and that of the masters.

A being of tremendous understanding Ramakrishna lived every moment in TOTAL AWARENESS or fana fi ul mahaviat. He had liking for food. Even while the prayer is going on, he will rush to the kitchen to enquire what Sharda has cooked today. At this she used to tell him, with your behavior what will your disciples think? Then one day Ramakrishna said:
Listen to this very attentively Sharda. There is nothing that can hold me to live into this world. The ship is ready to sail any moment to the other shore. Knowingly I had to create an anchor. Anchor! As my work on this earth is not yet over! What is his work on this earth? It is the work of transformation of human consciousness. The birth of a new man! Such is the work of each master. There is nothing, no desire that can hold me to stay on the earth. So I had to create a conscious desire. And this desire is the desire for food. The day I turn my face from the food, remember three days after that this body will be no more.

Hearing this like anyone else Sharda felt this to be an excuse of Ramakrishna. Years went by. Ramakrishna was sick. Suffering from throat cancer he was lying on the bed. Sharda came with the food for him. This day she had prepared something that Ramakrishna had really liked. As she entered the room she said, “Look Ramakrishna Dev I brought food for you. Today I prepared something you really like.” An aware Ramakrishna looked at the platter and at her and then turned his face to the other side, as if trying to remind Sharda of something.

Hearing these words the platter slipped from the hands of Sharda. She remembered something that Ramakrishna told her many years ago. She remembered the words, “The day I turn my face from the food, three days after I will be no more. Food is the desire that I have created to stay on in the world until my work is over. I been assigned a certain work to finish before I enter the existence.”

Such is the awareness of not only Ramakrishna, instead of all the masters. It matters not what is the path. At another stage I will take you into the life of another Sufi Master Shakuntala Devi and how she entered the Samadhi knowingly, and how she lived fully aware after her consort Sufi Brij Mohan Lal entered Samadhi on 17th January 1955.
Guided by the Ultimate, out of their own free will, they assume human form as their own Free Will. And continue as homage in the process of the transformation of human consciousness. This all happens so that a new man is born. One who is not a Hindu, or a Mohammaden, or a Christian etc? Beyond all dualities he lives in harmony with the whole. A pulse of the Existence! Such a being will simply be religious. The life of each one of these masters reminds us of this existential message. We can make our lives sublime.

When I said I am ecstatic, indeed I am! This day as the sun rises, a new dawn appears as another overflow of Taosho Buddha begins. This time it is “Leaves from a Sufi heart” – a journey through various masters of Sufi path and their ways through parables and their sayings. This is spread over a period of 2000 years starting from the Holy Prophet to present day masters of various Sufi orders. The journey is long but full of adventure to discover the unknown flowers. Allow the fragrance and the beauty of these flowers sanctifies your life and living. Only you have to be prepared for this journey. At the end of this inward journey you will not remain the same as you are now.

Thus begins the overflow of Taosho Buddha as “leaves from a Sufi Heart.” Initially the entire work was planned as one volume. However as the overflow began it became very clear if the message has to be conveyed in its authenticity for the development of human consciousness it has to be in three volumes.

The Naqshbandi path began with Holy Prophet via Hazrat Abu Bakr. By the time the path reached Shah Bahauddin Naqshband a pause came. From there the path got divided in many sub streams. Then came the second millennium almost after 1000 years with Sheikh Ahmad Mujaddadi Alif Thani Sirhindi, India. Of this Holy prophet made mention in one of the Hadith! At the command of the Mashaa’ikh Hazrat Baqi Billah was sent to India to pave the way for this second millennium. With this advent Mujaddadi was added to the existing path. As a result it came to be known as Naqshbandi wa Mujaddadi. Thereafter with the advent of Hazrat Shah Mazhar Mir Jane Jana of New Delhi India another significant change took place in the tariqat.

This advent provided totality to the path which is now known as NAQSHBANDI-MUJADDADI-WA-MAZAHARIA.

This made me to opt for the three volumes. The first volume is now for you. Beginning with the advent of Sufism I had to pause at Shah Bahauddin Naqshband with whom the path came to be known as Naqshbandi. Naqshband literally means the designer. This word, which is the name of the sheikh Bahauddin, thus gave a new direction to the existing Tariqat. Therefore logically I had to pause here.

The second volume of Leaves from a Sufi Heart begins with Shah Bahauddin. He is an important link in the golden chain of the masters. From him many new streams flowed in many directions. His methodology was unique. He used parables to explain the intricate matters for spiritual understanding. It was therefore logical to begin with Shah Bahauddin. This volume continues through the dawn of a new millennium Sheikh Ahmad Mujaddadi Alif Thani to Sheikh Noor Mohammad Badayuni.

And the third volume began with a new era in the development of human consciousness with Hazrat Mazhar Mir Jane Jana and continues to the present day masters.

The journey was long but the nisbat and the faiz of the masters made the path very easy and rewarding. Each word is soaked in this benediction as it will connect you the master whose energy field you are entering through this overflow. The faiz or the bliss can be experienced from the very fact the work of almost 1500 pages through the three volumes began literally on March 9th 2008 and the short duration of three months. This work did not stop other commitments of livelihood, meditation sessions, the monthly e magazine MEDITATION TIMES and guidance to other aspirants through e-mails and especially Swami Anand Neelamber in his mystical approach of a classic work on a Hindu Mythological script ‘HANUMAN CHALISA a Mystical Dimension’ (This will be available soon). This is the grace of the masters and the reflection of nisbat.

At times to explain to the intricate matters or the tahrir came through the masters as insight or kasf. It was a joy that can only be experienced. I have transferred this into the words and their arrangements so that you as a reader can experience this intoxicating flow of the energy field as you allow the words to soak into your being.

In this process assistance came from many quarters. Many of the aspirants throughout the globe went through the individual scripts as biographies which became a source of inspiration for them along the path of inward journey. However I am thankful to my two brother-in laws Dr Sharad Saxena from India, and Pt Mahendra Nath Maharaj from Hollywood, Florida USA. I am thankful for the love of Sufi Lakshmi Sahai who is still drunk with the first book MEDITATION THE WAY TO SELF REALIZATION earlier this year.
The work began on March 9th 2008 the day of the anniversary of Ram Krishna and ended on May 21st 2008 the day when Buddha was born, got enlightened and entered Mahapari Nirvana; and also this day another living master Sufi Onkar Nath a Naqshbandi master entered the vastness of the existence. This was a period of benediction and bliss infinite as the process still continues with other Volumes 2 & 3 of the LEAVES FROM A SUFI HEART and EK OMKAR SATNAM- SONGS OF NANAK.
I have spoken so much, yet still I feel nothing has been said as yet. In fact that which is remains unknown and unknowable. And nothing can be said. Yet still I have tried to do the impossible by speaking the impeccable only because of my trust and love. Each word, syllable and message is melody emanating from the heart soaked with the energy field or tawwajzoh of the masters. Allow the energy field to soak into you and the melody linger in your ears like the notes that are now dissolving….
The invisible support of my wife Gita, daughter Dr Sargam, and son Vivek Mohan had been the beacon light throughout the work. And remains the part of my being!


Our musicians who created the soul stirring and invigorating compositions by providing their voices to the mystical words need special mention. Without their support the works would have remained insipid. In particular I am thankful to Ms Purva Joshi and her husband Dr Ajay Joshi, Ms Rasika for the musical renditions.

Of course Swami Anand you are in all my pursuits. How can I make any mention then?


Web site: http//www. taoshobuddhameditations.com
E.mail:taoshobuddha@gmail.com taoshobuddha@rediff.com


Become silent and in silence
move towards non existence
and when you become non-existent,
you will be all praise!!


here is a life force or energy that flows through the matter envelopment. Under the law of evolution and the descent of light, a consciousness journeys through various stages in matter. When this consciousness manifests subjectively a new life is said to have been born. And when, at the end of the journey of consciousness through this mind and matter vehicle, life energy reaches to the realm of No Mind, it is SATORI – the first glimpse of that which is. Thus begins the journey into the realm of the BEYOND.

In the journey of consciousness this process continues without a break till eternity lasts. But because of ignorance and attachment you miss this solemn opportunity of TRANSCENDENCE. Be aware of this each finite moment of life. And be established in your BLISSFUL EXISTENCE — EVER SERENE AND TRANQUIL.

The matter decomposes but CONSCIOUSNESS that is, remains. NEVER TAKES BIRTH AND NEVER DIES! It always is.

During the recent few years, in the process of evolution, there prevailed a consciousness that envisioned truth only from one plane as partial and thus created some upheaval causing pain and suffering at various levels. It was essential so that existing impressions of past actions could be exhausted and each is put on the path of evolution.

Under these circumstances it became imperative for me, to look into the divine plan of such consciousness and the process of growth. Guided by my essential nature it was essential to observe my role under these circumstances. Certain decisions were made which will reveal themselves in the course of time. One important aspect was to start preparing to fold my works in the present manifestation. Not much time is ahead! And the wheel of time is too swiftly moving. It knows not place, person, or thing. It has been moving and shall go on forever without a break. As a result I have started detaching myself more and more from the world and its duality. This withdrawal is essential so that I can work from behind in my CAUSAL form. For this reason, all the writings that manifested from time to time need to be organized and presented to maintain its authenticity.



Songs of Nanak
‘Symphony of the Being’
Songs of Nanak

Jap ji is the poetry of the soul’s journey as narrated by the intoxicated one.


Narrated by
Swami Anand Neelamber

Section 1

Ek Omkar Satnam
The Mool Mantra

1. Guru Nanak a biographical sketch
2. The Mool Mantra
3. ‘EK OMKAR’ the existential sound
4. ‘SAT NAAM’ the explanation of the sound
5. ‘KARTA PURUKH’ the Attributes of ‘EK OMKAR’

Section 2
Hukumu Hukum Chalai Rahu
6. Aadi sachu Jugadi sachu
7. Hukumu hukum chalai rahu
8. ‘HUKUM’ the cosmic law
9. Sacha sahab sachu nai
10. Gurumukh Nadam Gurumukh Vedam
11. Sabhana Jiya ka ek Data
12. Je ek guru ki sikh suni

Section 3
Nanak Bhagta Sada Vigasu
13. Nanak Bhagta Sada Vigasu
14. Nanak bhagta sada vigasu
15. Aisa naam niranjan hoi
16. Pancha ka guru ek dhyanu
17. Jo tudhu bhaive sai bhalikar

Unche Upari Uncha Naau

18. Aape biji aape hi khahu
19. Aape jane aapu
20. Unche upari uncha naau
21. Aahke aakhe rahe livlai

Nanak Uttam Neechu Na Koi

22. Soi soi sada sachu sahib
23. Aadeshu tise aadeshu
24. Jug jug aiko vesu
25. Nanak uttam neechu na koi

Sach Khandi Vasai Nirankaroo

26. Karmi Karmi hoi Vicharu
27. Nanak antu na antu
28. Sach khandi vasai nirankaroo
29. Nanak Nadri Nadri nihal


Golden Temple, Amritsar

angat bolo… Shri VahE… guru…. VahE Guru Ji ka Khalsa vahE Guru Ji ke Fatah! Hail to the master! O Congregations remember the master forever. Seek eternal! There is nothing more sublime and invigorating than the congregation of the master or his commune. That alone has the capability to transform you and your life.
I speak to you not of a Nanak who was not born on April 15th, 1469 in Talvandi to the parentage of Mehta Kalloo and Tripta; and who died in 1539 in a small village Kartarpur of Punjab, in India. This Nanak I know not. He is historical. I speak to you of the Nanak who was never born and never died. A Nanak who is existential! A Nanak whose energy field can never be destroyed! The energy field that is existential. Energy field that surrounds you each finite moment! Only you have lost connection with this existential energy field.

The actual work on Japuji began one autumn evening in 1977 when I was still in India. There came an incredible meeting with a person. This meeting was not arranged by any human efforts. It was ordained. I remembered a verse from Sri Aurobindo’s SAVITRI:
On the dumb bosom of this oblivious globe,
Although as unknown beings we seem to meet.
Our lives are not aliens nor as strangers join,
Moved to each other by causeless force!
The soul can recognize its answering soul.
Across dividing Time and, on life’s roads
Absorbed wrapped traveller, turning it recovers
Familiar splendors in an unknown face
And touched by the warning fingers of swift love
It thrills again to an immortal joy!
Wearing a mortal body for delight
There is a power within that knows beyond
Our knowings; we are greater than our thoughts
And sometimes earth unveils that vision here
To live, to love are signs of infinite things
Love is a glory from eternity’s spheres.

The first word was the formal greeting. Then I asked the person, ‘Which places did you visit in India so far?’ This was my second sentence. The response was ‘Mother’s ashram in Pondicherry.’ Let me tell you about this. In Pondicherry, India there is the ashram of Sri Aurobindo a mystic and the Mother! This is a spiritual retreat. Now came the third sentence. I responded, ‘Peace and serenity dwells there. However this is the experience of my life that if one can keep his inner instrument attuned one can feel the feeblest of vibration anywhere in the world beyond time and space.’ This sentence narrates the methodology of a master. This cannot be destroyed. To feel this energy field beyond time and space an inner preparation is needed. This energy field is there to transform you.


Since then my entire effort is to harness this energy field and make it available beyond time and space through my life, living, and efforts. The previous works ‘Meditation the way to self realization’, ‘The Secrets of Bhakti,’ and two volumes of ‘Leaves from a Sufi Heart’ all reflect this. The effect that these works have created worldwide with the readers simply reflects the methodology of a master. The effort still continues with the forthcoming works as well. Out of this energy field also evolved the works of Swami Anand Neelamber, Ma Prem Sutra, and Swami Dhyan Yatri.
The effort is to harness and present truth is its sublime and nascent form. Truth is sublime. Truth is beyond religions and even your gods and goddesses. Truth is solitary. Truth is auspicious. Truth is beyond duality. So is bliss or Anand. This alone is auspicious or Mangalam. Scriptures say:
sTy< prm xImih. AanNdm! prm xImih.
mTruth has nothing to do with Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew. Truth is beyond these boundaries. Your conditioning, your values, and your understanding have no correlation with Truth.
A Hindu mind listens to that which resonates and strengthens his mind. So is the case with a Sikh, Christian, Mohammedan and other sects as well. You are listening simply to strengthen your mind.
Nanak is unique. And he is unique in many ways. Nanak happened before Tulsi. Social values were declining. Politically that was the beginning of a new era. The message of the masters was loosing its inner fabric. Nanak’s role was to resurrect all these. Nanak came like a fresh breeze.
Look at the earlier scriptures. Valmiki used one meter throughout the entire narration. The meter happened to him during his one early morning bath in river Tamsa. There he saw basic act that we go on overlooking in our day to day life. He saw a pair of birds making love. At one plane this seems an ordinary act for pleasure for man and progeny for the other creatures. What actually happens during this act has lost its meaning. This is the communion or the confluence of two energies. One is young virgin or the feminine energy as symbolized through the female body. The young virgin symbolizes the undeveloped or underdeveloped consciousness. Or the subconsciousness where the entire growth pattern of human consciousness is in code form. Hindus call this energy field as ‘Prakriti’. And the male energy that Hindus call as ‘Purush’ is symbolized as male or soul. Transformation cannot happen until this union between the souls and the undeveloped virgin takes place.
These two male and female principles exist in each individual. With the passage of time a discontinuity came in this understanding. Leaving this here right now I move to the other aspect where I was speaking of the structure of various scriptures and there relevance with the message. Valmiki used one meter with eight quadrants which emerged during his morning bath spontaneously.
So too Bhagwad Gita also uses one meter and each composition is of four quadrants and two lines each this is the meter used throughout the text. All this describes one set pattern. Bhagwad Gita is the path of Yoga although different paths of Yoga are explained. And Ramayana is the story of Rama on the platter of Bhakti.
Nanak has used different meter in each Pauri. The Japuji Sahib does not follow any strict meter of poetry and even the rhyming seems, at places, uneven and incoherent. Besides, sometimes the basic line of thought appears to be intruded upon by verses in between, particularly if one relies solely upon translations and word meanings.
This explains that through each Pauri Nanak goes into in depth message of different systems of transformation used by the masters and paths. For instance in Pauri 27 Nanak explains the role of music, and existential sound as the system of transformation. And in the next Pauri 28 and 29 Nanak completely reviews the path of Tantra.
If I go on speaking like this for each Pauri I will never finish the preface. That is a fact one can spend the entire life explaining Japuji still something remains unfinished.
Anyone with linear consciousness or one track mind and understanding cannot understand Nanak. Only a master whose consciousness has reached its pinnacle! Or has merged with the ultimate can explain various systems of transformation of human consciousness as interwoven through various Pauris of Japuji.
This present work is such an effort of Taoshobuddha.
Beyond dualities, conditionings, and your beliefs lays the realm of Buddhas. Nanak is a Buddha - one who has not only attained to this Oneness with that which is, instead has harnessed this energy field for the transformation of human consciousness. Japuji is the expression of Truth as envisaged by Nanak. Japuji occupies a foremost place in Sikh religion. The entire Sikh religion revolves around Japuji and Nanak. Both Nanak and Japuji are inseparable. Both are the two sides of the same coin. Japuji is the fragrance of Nanak.
@k bar jae tUne pukara wa muHe tajISt mere mn bjtI rhI zhna$,
taAbd mere mn me bjtI rhI zhna$.
AaEr hm fUb ke tU)anae me th la@ smuNdr kI.


Once you had called me so lovingly
Erelong its music echoes in my ears
Like the dissolving notes of a sweet melody!
And I dived deep within the ocean to bring forth the inner treasures from the realm of the Being!
Today I invite you to this mystical realm and the energy field of Nanak through Japuji. Japuji is my being, my life my living. The words of Nanak resonate in my mind. And this work on Japuji is the echo of that resonance that continues to linger in my being like the dissolving notes of an enchanting melody.
Allow a few drops of this nectar to ooze into your being. Allow this fragrance to sanctify and waft an aura of bliss in your inner being. Life will attain a new meaning.
Words are failing to express the ecstasy of my being. The orchestra is mute yet still melody overflows. I can speak no more for now. Now only the overflow is there. Drink it to your heart’s content.
Like a mad, intoxicated one, Nanak goes on speaking in His praise. These are not the words of a learned one. These are the words of some one who has drunk the mystical wine of Saqui (God). Like a drunkard he goes on repeating the same thing again and again. These words are the outcome of ecstasy. If you can understand the situation of a drunkard you will understand the words of Nanak. The only difference between an ordinary drunkard and Nanak is that Nanak drank the pristine mystical wine to his heart’s content. And now he is drowned in the ocean of oneness with God. This is the beauty of Nanak. Nanak is the poet of the inner. Japuji is the poetry of the soul’s journey as narrated by a drunkard.

Nanak says that which is cannot be destroyed. This is ‘akshar’. ‘Akshar’ cannot be translated as ‘word.’ And the closest reflection of ‘akshar’ is ‘Omkar’. Thus Nanak’s entire message revolves around ‘EK OMKAR SATNAM.’ If you have understood these three words you have understood Japuji. Whether you call this as Japuji or as Ek Omkar Satnam it is same. Then you have understood Nanak. Omkar is the only sound that cannot be destroyed. This is the only sound that continues to echo even without being written. This can never be destroyed till eternity lasts. Omkar is the music of the existence. Omkar is the echo or the whisper of the existence. Even when everything is destroyed ‘Omkar’ will continue to echo.

The indestructible, the imperishable, the unknown, the unknowable ‘akshar’ that was in the beginning, that is now and that will always be is the very name of God. This is the way of worship. Say no more. Just be filled with this existential sound. That is all. Prayer has now begun. You need not say that you are a sinner. No confession can ever become a prayer. Be filled with this presence. You are prayerful!

Out of ego, however man has created so many prayers. You go to the emperor you have to implore again and again, sing the glories only then you can gain any favour. Such implorations have become prayers.

Nanak says these cannot be a prayer. And God is not egoistic that you have to implore or beg. You are praising God as if you are trying to convince or invoke the sleeping God. Are you coaxing Him to shower favours on you? It seems these are your prayers.
No praise can ever become a prayer. Are you capable of praising Him? But ego thinks so. Then what can really be the prayer. Nanak says be filled with this existential sound. Beyond this existential sound there can be no prayer. Omkar is the end. Omkar is the prayer. Beyond Omkar there is nothing. Therefore drown in this existential sound. You are prayerful. Life will attain meaning.

Man created temples. And within this was created a devise of round structure of dome for the sound to echo. This devise is to create the echo of Omkar from within the forewalls of the temple as ‘temple echoes’. This devise amplifies the echo manyfold and it appears as if coming from far.

Now in the west a new devise ‘Bio feed’ has been created. This is an important devise. And in times to come these will be very useful. Accordingly through small instruments effort is made to render your mind silent.

East has created different bio-feed instruments. The dome in the temple and mosques is the bio-feed devise to create the echo of the existential sound. As your inner sound reaches close to the existential sound the intensity of the sound within will increase. As the sound begins to emanate more and more from the inner being and not the lips you will find that the quality of the echo returning from the dome has changed. The temple echoes are more peaceful and blissful as well.

Deeper you enter this existential echo within, temple echoes will become blissful. Then you can experience this sound echoing all around. Where you had experienced noise and disturbances once a new music a new echo evolves from there now! And when you attain to fruition, you will find the entire cosmos permeating the existential sound. And bliss overflows each finite moment.

Temple is a small devise. Begin from there. You can begin to learn swimming only in shallow waters. And then you can swim in deep waters. So too start drowning in the temple echoes. And then one day you will certainly learn the art of drowning in the vastness of all that is existential. Then entire existence becomes the abode of the unknown and the unknowable. And then wherever you will create this sound you will find the rain of bliss. This dome of the temple symbolizes the vast infinite sky.

Nanak says the ‘akshar’ the indestructible word is the prayer. This is ultimate knowing. This is the ultimate glory. Out of this sound evolves all that is manifest and unmanifest. This is your destiny. This is not only delicate instead difficult to comprehend as well.

Aora isir s
As this existential sound opens within life unfolds new meaning. Omkar is the key to bring about this inner change. Moving away from this leads to a life of misery and misfortune. Moving away from this is hell and coming closer is bliss. To be one with Omkar is moksha or salvation.

Only then my beloved friend you will understand the message contained in the words spoken by me in 1977. I repeat again.

‘Peace and serenity dwells not only there instead the entire cosmos is permeated by bliss. Bliss is the very texture of this cosmos. However this is the experience of my life that if one can keep his inner instrument attuned only then one can feel the feeblest of vibration anywhere in the world beyond time and space.’ This sentence narrates the methodology of a master. You may take one life or many matters not. Maybe I maybe around or maybe not to witness this happening but certainly one day you will attain. This is my certitude. This is my trust.
Remember you cannot attain without inner purification. No ritual bath, worship, visit to holy places can really purify your inner being. No it can never happen until your ego vanishes. Water can clean the outer dirt. However if your consciousness is full of such sins misunderstandings and misdemeanours then it can only be washed with love for ‘Satnam’ the name of God. Love alone can sanctify your inner being. Love alone can transform you. There is no greater energy than love that can give you a real birth. Allow it to enchant your being. And then a new birth takes out of you.
Nanak says no one can glorify Him. And yet still he goes on without a break. Because in the process of singing, or overflowing one attains to Samadhi! He cannot be described. Yet still glorifying enchants the being. This is not only beautiful instead nectarine as well. It is so blissful that in the process the singer is no more. Instead he dissolves in an unknown ocean. I will continue to overflow erelong because there is no better song, no better melody than being enchanted with Japuji.

His description! His glories are not mere words to entertain you. This is a technique of meditation. His description is the way to drown in His subtleties. Overflowing Him is a way to turn towards Him. Wherever His message overflows pause for a moment to listen! Maybe a drop of nectar may shower in your being. Maybe breaking all barriers of deafness a word may enter you. May be your blind eyes may be filled with light.

This is the reason Nanak goes on singing. As one continues singing you may drown in it. Nanak did not say anything. Instead he sang. Also he used music so that the inner ‘sur’ or tune may establish. Maybe in the musical melody you attain to inner silence. And once you have tasted this you will never forget.

The moment to reach the one everything becomes possible. There are temples of the Hindu trinity. But there is no temple of God. Nanak gave a beautiful name to the temple. He called this ‘Gurudwara’. This is not the temple of God. Instead this is the ‘door of the master’. That is door alone. From the door alone you can come in or exit. Door refers to transcendence. Door cannot be your resting place. You simply pass through gurudwara – the door of the master. Beyond this door of the master lies the abode or the realm of that which is ‘Satnam’ that whom Nanak calls as ‘Malik’.

Nanak says if the feeling has arisen to pay regards! Heart is ready to pay regards then do this to that oneness:

Aadesu itsE Aadesu.

Each word of Nanak is soaked with a deep understanding. These are not ordinary words. You can get the literal or philosophical meaning. You can give many interpretations. However the mystical meaning is difficult from your level of consciousness. Nanak is one with God. Nanak is enlightened. He is illiterate in the sense that he does not have university degrees. He is simple. To speak on Japuji needs inner preparation. Only an enlightened one can relive Nanak. This present work in not really a commentary on Nanak’s Japuji instead it is an effort to relive and present the message of Japuji for the future humanity.

My eyes are glittering with unshed tears. This you cannot see. But I am sure you can definitely feel such ripples arising in your being and from being to the surface. This is the moment when I have to express my feelings of gratitude towards the entire existence. In particular for you and all those who have been instrumental in making this overflow available to you? I can go on but my feelings for you will not exhaust. It is for you I dived deep within the ocean of divinity to bring the jewel of awareness.

Many friends are knocking the doors of my being. First is the Ultimate Being: the more I overflow the more I feel nothing has been said. Heart never feels contented that enough has been overflowed. Yet still I continue in many ways.

Many masters, saints and sages that have nourished the consciousness and insights need mention. Myriad salutations to you the flowers from the garden of the being!

Beloved Baldev Singh of Montreal, my heart calls out for all that you are to me. No amount thanks can express my feelings for your support and insights.

Dr Rasika Abkote a musician of peer from Pune India, and currently here on a Government of India ISSR assignment at Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Cultural Co-operation. Sangita Agrawal the Tabla player and exponent of Pakhawaj! Navin the flutist, Purwa Joshi another classical singer of peer need mention. Without their support and renditions the melody would be missing. Our Music director Dr Ajay Joshi, what a beautiful musical composition! Our publishers: Mr Surendra Ghai of Sterling Publishers Pvt Ltd of New Delhi India, Sonia Saini our editor in chief all have contributed in many ways to make this possible for you.

Only this much I can say to you for now as my final message and the rest you have to allow to happen on its own. Like a beacon light the message or the energy field of the master surrounds you. Just begin to drown in the vastness and serenity of love. The rest will happen on its own.

Swami Anand Neelamber and Swami Dhyan Yatri will continue from here onwards as there a long list of those who have to be acknowledged for their valuable contribution in this work.

However what do you mean to me only I know and I can acknowledge. Therefore:


Web site: http//www.taoshobuddhameditations.com
Email: taoshobuddha@gmail.com

hese songs of the mystic Nanak are the ancient intoxicating elixir poured into new bottles. And this overflow by Taoshobuddha is still an even newer representation of that ancient mystical alchemy. Taoshobuddha is like a fresh autumn breeze. His insights into the songs of Japuji bring newness and he revitalizes the message of Nanak – that had long been forgotten but preserved in Guru Granth Sahib.
Nanak did not only sing the truth; he lived it. He lived it because he discovered it firsthand. It was not borrowed. This is his central message as well. Truth must be seen to be transforming and enlightening. You cannot come to enlightenment by hearing, believing. You are enlightened by discovering truth and seeing it for yourself.
Taoshobuddha makes the quest for truth a palpable and enticing sojourn to self discovery.
Not all the songs are for everyone. You need only find the song that resonates with your inner being, which is your heart’s calling. Then you drown in the silent symphony of this song and dissolve into the inner mysteries.
Nanak sang on all the major disciplines of his time. And anyone can lead to Truth. Only the inner understanding is needed. Taoshobuddha through his compassionate insight uncovers the inner meaning.
I invite you to delve into these wondrous expositions and drown in the inner silence that is created through the mystical symphony of Japuji…
I wish to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the following persons for their enormous support in putting this work together: Baldev Singh Grewal of Montreal Canada, Pundit Gajendra Kumar of Divine Life Society Trinidad Inc., Davinder Singh Duggal (President of Gurudwara Trinidad Inc), Professor R. L. Hangloo (Chair of Indian Studies, Department of History at University Of the West Indies, Trinidad WI.), Swami Dhyan Yatri, Ma Prem Sutra, Professor Channan Sayan, Dr Hajendra Singh Missan, Dr Ajay Joshi. Ms Purwa Joshi, Dr. Rasika Obkote, Anamika Chakraborty, Karunamai, Joan Allekote, Shalisha Baksh, Mohan Samlal, organizers of various Gurudwaras worldwide, Gurbal Singh Sandhu, Indian High Commissioner in Trinidad & Tobago Mr Jagjit Singh Sapra, Mr Santosh K Mishra – first secretary Indian High Commission, many musicians and other well wishers

‘Ek Omkar Satnam’



You are from the very beginning a Buddha. To the very core of your being you are a Buddha. It is your nature. It is like water and ice: apart from water, no ice, outside living beings, no Buddhas. Not knowing it is near, they seek it afar. What a pity! It is like one in the water who cries out for thirst; it is like the child of a rich house who has strayed away among the poor. The cause of our circling through the six worlds is that we are on the dark paths of ignorance. Dark path upon dark path treading, when shall we escape from birth-and-death? The Zen meditation of the Mahayana is beyond all our praise. Giving and morality and the other perfections, taking of the name, repentance, discipline, and the many other right actions, all come back to the practice of meditation. By the merit of a single sitting he destroys innumerable accumulated sins. How should there be wrong paths for him?

My beloved ones: I love you. Love is my message. Love is my being. Love is the communion. Love is oneness. Let it be your message too. Love is my color and my climate. To me, love is the only religion. All else is just rubbish. All else is nothing but dreams. A mental game! Love is the only substantial thing in life! All else is illusion. Let love grow in you and then god will be growing on its own accord. If you miss love you will miss god and all.

There is no way to god without love. There is nothing more sublime than love. God can be forgotten but not love. If love is remembered, god will happen as a consequence. It happens as a consequence. It is the fragrance of love and nothing else. In fact there is no god but only godliness. There is no person like god anywhere. Drop all childish attitudes. Never go on searching for a father. Divineness is, god is not. When I say divineness is, I mean whatsoever is, is full of god. The entire creation is full of godliness. Only you need eyes to see this. The green of the trees! And the red and the golden all are divine. A crow crying and a bird on the wing, a child giggling, and a dog barking all is divine. Nothing else exists. The moment you ask ‘where is god?’ you have raised a wrong question. Because god cannot be indicated anywhere! He is not in a particular direction. He is not a particular thing. He is not a particular being. God is universality. God is hidden in the entire creation. Ask where god is not? Only then you have asked the right question. But for that right question you will have to prepare the soil of your awareness. If you are not in love, then what to say about god! Even you are not. I was thinking what should I give to you today? Because this is the final day of this yagna! This day Absolute consciousness incarnated as Krishna. This is the day when absolute consciousness saw for the first time the green of the trees and the blue of the skies. This was the day for the first time when Krishna opened his eyes and saw god all around. Of course the word 'god' did not exist at that moment. However all that he saw was god. That is what I mean by love - A union. Because in a union those who join together remain separate. In a unity they dissolve. They melt into one another. They become one. And that moment I call the moment of truth, when love has given you unity. First, love gives you unity in your innermost core. Then you are no more a body, no more a mind, no more a soul. You are simply one. Unnamed, undefined, unclassified! No more determinate, definable, no more comprehensible. A mystery, a joy, a surprise, jubilation, and a great celebration! First, love gives you an inner unity. This is fana as Sufis call this happening. And when the inner unity has happened the second happens on its own! You are not to do anything for it. Then you start falling in unity with the whole beyond you. Then the drop disappears in the ocean and the ocean disappears into the drop. That moment, that moment of orgasm between you and the whole, is where you become a Buddha. That moment is the moment Buddhahood is imparted to you. This is ENLIGHTENMENT.

Love is the way of preparing the soil of your heart. If you are full of love, the world is full of God. They go parallel. They are part of one symphony. God is the echo from the universe. When you are in love, the echo is there. When you are not in love, how can there be an echo? God is an echo that lingers in your heart like the dissolving note of a melody that you have once heard in the wilderness. It is only you who are reflected again and again in millions of ways. It is you who are thrown back to yourself again and again. If you are in love, God is.

I was thinking what should I give to you today as my gift for the birthday of a Buddha? Then I remembered a saying of Buddha: SABBA DANAM DHAMMA DANANA JNATI ‘the gift of truth excels all other gifts.’ And my truth is love. Truth is solitary. Truth is love. AND THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DISCOVER DEEP WITHIN.

The word 'truth' looks to me a little too dry and desert-like. I am not in much tune with the word 'truth'. It looks too logical. It looks too prosaic. It gives you the feeling of philosophy, not of religion. It gives you the idea as if you have concluded. You have come to a conclusion. And there has been a syllogism behind it, argumentation and logic and reasoning. No, 'truth' is not my word. LOVE is my word. Love is of the heart. Truth is partial. Only your head is involved. In love you are involved as a totality. Your body, your mind, your soul, all is involved. Love makes you a unity. But and not a union. Remember love is UNITY. My word is love. So I say: My beloved ones, I love you. And I would like you to fill the whole world with love. Let that be our religion. Love is simply love. In love you can be a Christ. In love you can be a Buddha. But there is no Buddhist love and there is no Christian love. In love you disappear, your mind disappears. In love you come to an utter relaxation. This is my message as my gift to you for the celebration of Buddha’s Enlightenment NOW AND EVER AND ANON!